Past is Prologue

Saturday – Sunday
June 17 – 18, 2023
The Crowne Plaza RESORT
ASHEVILLE, North Carolina

*The in-person seating is now SOLD OUT* 
Six continents, 15 countries, 45 states, 650 humans

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Cosmic Summit 2023

Saturday – Sunday
June 17 – 18, 2023
The Crowne Plaza RESORT
ASHEVILLE, North Carolina

Millions worldwide believe there is more to recent Earth and human history than recognized by our gatekeepers. The Cosmic Summit will tell the whole story best we can. 

The heterodox subjects addressed at The Summit include the well-published Younger Dryas Impact Event, More Recent Cosmic Impacts, A Suspected Lost Civilization, Clovis People, The Black Mat, Megafaunal Extinctions, Gobekli Tepe, Forgotten Ancient Technologies, Controversial Archaeology, Atlantis, Megalithic Monument Building, Egyptian Mysteries, and Catastrophic Geology.*

The event will be live streamed and on-demand worldwide through howtube.com. But for those who come to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, the gathering will be a unique opportunity to eat, drink and think with others who ponder ages past.

And ages to come.

The Summit

The Cosmic Summit is a deliberate mix of internet speculators, controversial authors and published scientists with rock solid data. Our common intellectual thread is a belief that humans and earth have been traumatized by past cosmic impacts prematurely rejected by the mainstream. 

We won’t agree on everything, but we will provide an antidote to intellectual conformity, received wisdom, and authoritarian science elites. Join us.


The following global influencers and published scientists will speak in Asheville

More About Cosmic Summit 2023

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Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock is the most prominent figure in alternative history and archeology, and dedicated his life to giving a global voice to credentialed researchers with controversial interpretations of evidence. His books, including multiple New York Times bestsellers on summit subjects, have sold over nine million copies worldwide, and he has made 12 appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast. As the host of the current Netflix hit “Ancient Apocalypse,” he has brought the mystery of ancient civilizations to millions more people around the world, and sparked a renewed interest in the potential for catastrophic events that shaped human history. Follow Graham on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with his latest projects, insights, and upcoming speaking engagements.

Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson, a renowned figure in alternative history and earth science, has made eight appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast and is the host of both Kosmographia.com and Randallcarlson.com. In addition to his extensive knowledge of geology and archeology, Carlson is also a master builder and architectural designer, with a keen insights into sacred geometry and geomythology. He is known for his unconventional approach to scholarship and his tireless exploration of the world’s ancient mysteries. Follow him on Twitter at @randallwcarlson to stay up-to-date with his latest work and insights.
Jahannah James

Jahannah James (MOC)

Jahannah, our Master of Ceremonies, is a UK-based comedian and alternative history researcher who uses her unique charm, wit and insight to challenge historical orthodoxy. She has built a following of 1.3 million on Facebook, 115k on Instagram, and 175k on YouTube through her Funny Olde World brand. You can find Jahannah on Twitter @JahannahJames.

Jimmy Corsetti

Jimmy Corsetti

Jimmy is the creator behind the popular YouTube channel, “Bright Insight.” His thought-provoking videos on the mysteries of lost ancient civilizations, conspiracies, and the cosmos have attracted a passionate global following. With over 1.6 million subscribers and 180 million views, Jimmy has become a leading voice in the alternative media space. He recently made his second appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast. Stay up-to-date with his latest content by following him on Twitter at @BrightInsight.

Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks

A native of Asheville, Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, researcher, radio personality and speaker with a diverse range of interests. His communications span a variety of subjects including UFO’s, controversial and academic archaeology, unexplained science, and the Younger Dryas Impact. He is the host of the Micah Hanks Program and Seven Ages podcasts and founding editor of The Debrief. Micah is on Twitter @MicahHanks.

Russ Allen

Russ Allen

Russ Allen, a vintner from Texas, co-hosts two podcasts – Brothers of the Serpent and Kosmographia, alongside Randall Carlson. Together with his brother Kyle, Russ delves into persistent mysteries, seeking the truth while carefully observing and exposing any foolishness masquerading as science. You can find Russ on Twitter at @SnkBrs


Dr. Kenneth Tankersley

As an Associate Professor of Geology and Anthropology at the University of Cincinnati and a member of the Piqua tribe, Dr. Tankersley’s research focuses on human adaptation and cultural resilience in the face of regional and global catastrophes. He is the primary investigator of several significant events, including the Hopewell Airburst Event, the Brenham Impact Event, the Eagle Creek Impact Event, and the Younger Dryas Airburst Event at Sheriden Cave.


Dr. Andrew M.T. Moore

Dr. Moore is a 40-year research archaeologist and recent past president of the Archaeological Institute of America, the world’s largest professional archaeological association. As the principal investigator of Abū Hurayra in Syria, he made groundbreaking discoveries of the earliest evidence for human civilization and agriculture, as well as the Younger Dryas Impact.

Martin Sweatman

Dr. Martin Sweatman

Dr. Sweatman, a scientist at Edinburgh University, is the author of “Prehistory Decoded” and a featured expert in “Ancient Apocalypse.” His groundbreaking work on the decipherment of Gobekli Tepe suggests that the world’s oldest megalithic structure was built as a means of communicating the catastrophic impact of a cosmic event that occurred around 12,800 years ago.


Marc Young

Marc is an Honors Candidate at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, and an Archaeological PhD candidate. He is a member of the Comet Research Group and characterizes nanomaterial evidence of Younger Dryas Impact. @Marc_Young_90

Venue and Accommodations

Crowne Plaza Resort
Asheville, NC

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For those who have tickets to Asheville, the gathering will be a unique opportunity to eat, drink, and think, with others who ponder ages past — and ages to come. If you can’t be there in person, we encourage you to join us via howtube Livestream for $49.


The in-person seating is now SOLD OUT. 
Six continents,15 countries, 45 states, 650 humans.

Join the event in real time and on-demand via howtube Livestream and use LIVE CHAT to query summit topics with speakers. Other benefits to Video Subscribers to be announced soon. 5% of sales to the Comet Research Group*

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Conference Program & Itinerary​

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Friday, June 16th – Welcome / Evening meet-up


Saturday, June 17th – Fire and Flood

Lunch at Expo Center (provided)
  • Evidence for Lost Ancient Technology
  • Dropped Tools: Unfinished Ancient Construction
  • Ancient Apocalypse
    • Graham Hancock
  • All the Randall you can handle
    • Randall Carlson

NORTH CAROLINA BARBECUE at Expo Center (provided)

Evening Lecture with Randall Carlson et al.

Sunday, June 18th – Cosmic Impacts

  • Abu Herrera and the Younger Dryas Impact
    • Dr. Andrew M.T. Moore, Past President, Archaeological Institute of America
  • Updates on Current & Future YDI Research
    • Dr. Allen West and Marc Young, Comet Research Group
  • Graham Hancock
  • Jahannah James panel with Graham, Randall, Collins, Moore et al.
  • Evening Lecture TBD

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Please note that the Cosmic Summit is not affiliated with the Comet Research Group (CRG), and this fact will be reiterated throughout the Summit. The topics covered during the Summit may not be supported or endorsed by the CRG or its members. The conference is owned and produced solely by George Howard, through Cosmic Tusk Productions, LLC, and is intended as a for-profit event that combines entertainment and science for a general audience. George Howard is an environmental entrepreneur from Raleigh, North Carolina, who has been interested in the Younger Dryas Impact since 1994 and has been posting about related topics on cosmictusk.com since 2010. He is also a co-director of the 510(c)3 Comet Research Group and has been a co-author on over 1000 peer-reviewed journal citations with the CRG.

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